Veterinary Hospice Care

orange tabby cat receiving Veterinary hospice exam

Veterinary hospice care is a healthcare option that relieves pain and brings comfort to elderly and terminal pets. It focuses on improving your pet’s quality of life, rather than finding a cure. By managing symptoms and easing pain, this service can give your family added time with a beloved pet.

At Gentle Journey, our goal is to make sure that your pet is as comfortable and pain-free as possible. The best way to do this is by educating you about your pet’s medical condition. We work with your veterinarian to create a treatment plan customized to your pet’s needs. We keep you informed on any progress or change in condition. We assess your home and give recommendations to help your family manage pet hospice process. In some cases, we can even train you to administer fluids and medications.

The Process

We tailor each veterinary hospice plan to meet your your pets needs. We begin with an initial consultation by one of our Board Certified Drs. of Veterinary Medicine. Following the initial consultation, we are available by appointment or telephone for check-ups, medications, fluids, and consultations. And when that final day arrives we’ll be there to make sure the passing is painless, compassionate and loving.

We work complementary to your primary Veterinarian. We report progress and assessments back to your doctor after each visit to ensure continuity of care.

If you find yourself facing a time when you’d like your family member to spend their last days at home, or even have trouble visiting your vet, consider Gentle Journey’s team of committed and passionate Veterinarians to administer hospice.Hospice care is available in

Hospice care is available in clinic (your veterinarian) or at home through Gentle Journey. If you prefer clinic based hospice, ask us about supporting veterinarians in your area.