Pet Hospice 101: What is a Custom Hospice Plan?

Pet hospice care is a three-prong approach:

  • listening to clients’ concerns and fears
  • educating clients on quality of life
  • helping clients plan for euthanasia or natural death.

Because each client presents a unique set of needs and challenges, there is no “prescribed” or “standard” pet hospice treatment.

Our Customized Pet Hospice Plan

Pet hospice is a service that must be customized in each circumstance to be effective, and plans are always tailored to each pet’s specific needs. This takes a considerable amount of time and specialized knowledge. To ensure quality, it is best to refer clients to a separate pet hospice service.

The first step in creating a custom pet hospice plan is to assess the pet’s pain and educate the client about their pet’s condition. The goal is to make sure that the pet is as comfortable and pain-free as possible. This begins with an initial consultation by a Board Certified Dr. of Veterinary Medicine, during which a pain assessment is conducted. Many pet owners cannot recognize signs that their pet is suffering because animals do not display outward signs of pain the way humans do. A pet hospice service provider will conduct the pain assessment in the client’s home and then educate the client on the results.

With information gathered from an in-home pain assessment, the next step is to coordinate with the client and their veterinarian on a treatment program. This program involves what the client will do at home with aid from the pet hospice service, and what treatment will be done in the veterinary clinic. The pet hospice servicers can even train clients to administer medications and fluids at home as part of their custom hospice plan. All data from assessments, progress, and changes in condition, will be reported by the pet hospice servicer to the client and their veterinarian for continuity of care.

A custom hospice plan works effectively when all three parties (pet hospice servicer, client and veterinarian) are on board. The pet hospice servicer acts as team leader to keep all parties on track with the goal of the custom hospice plan and to maximize the benefits for the client and their pet.

Our Mission

The goal of pet hospice is to make sure that the pet is as pain-free and comfortable as possible. This goal is best achieved when veterinary clinics and pet hospice providers work as a team to provide a high-quality care and services for clients.

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