Our beloved 11 year old Lab had kidney failure and could no longer walk. We had to make the extremely heartbreaking decision to put her to sleep. My husband did not feel that he could be there, so I prayed for the strength to not break down during the process.Having Dr. Christina come to our home was a blessing. She calmed me down by asking about our dog and the process was fast and very peaceful. Our dog, Liffey, was in her regular routine and her bed. I feel that this was the best possible solution for this very difficult situation.I am thankful for Dr. Christina’s gentle and caring manner.

Debby Piccola

Dear Dr. Christina,

I just wanted to write you a letter of thanks for helping Otis transition into his next adventure. I had been dreading the day we would put our beloved dog down. He was really my best friend and the sweetest animal I have ever met. My vet recommended that when the time comes we put him to sleep at home. Dr. Christina you arrived and he greeted you at the door with a wagging tail and then after we had our good byes you gave him something to relax his body. I held him in my arms and told him how much he meant to me as he gently passed away. It was peaceful and respectful. He never even twitched or moved during the process. My ultimate choice would be to never let him age or die but since that is not possible this is the next best thing. Thank you for being so gentle and patient with him and with me. You let me listen to make sure there was no heartbeat and I loved how you gently you handled his body even after he was gone.

Now that I have experienced what is possible, my first choice would always to say goodbye to my animals at home.

Thank you for your dedication to a very difficult calling.

Mrs. Lauren Briggs

Dr. Christina’s kindness and assistance during Red’s last days were invaluable. She answered all of our questions and concerns about a home euthanasia, and she was patient, compassionate and considerate. It was clear that our old do accepted her immediately and trusted her. When we have time to make a choice, we would never do it any other was. Because of Dr. Christina, Red was able to be at home in his own bed, with his family and the other pets. She brought the life of a wonderful companion to a peaceful end without the stress of a clinical environment. Her service also allowed us to plan a peaceful ceremony and grieve privately in our own way. It takes a special kind of person to do the work she does, and we feel privileged to know her and have her care for our animals when we have to part with them.

With gratitude and blessings,

Penny & Michael Leisch
Dear Dr. Nutter,
The service that your organization provides is so wonderful. Because of this service our best friend Brewski moved on in a peaceful and pleasant environment that was comforting for him. The veterinarian was so very prompt in responding and calling us back, and responding to our home quickly. She was very respectful of our home and the difficult time we were going through. She was so caring to all and was a great comfort. While this was not our first time having to do such a difficult thing, it was still very hard for my wife and I. The one big difference is we had options available this time to do it at home. This loved one had a very hard time going to the veterinarian office and would stress so much. He was in pain and was experiencing much difficulty in his final hours, and the stress would have really made it tough for him and my wife and I to put him through it. I cannot begin to express how much your service meant to us. I will hold your whole group close to my heart for the service you all provide. Everyone I come across with pets in their life will hear about your service, because everyone will have to deal with this difficult time sooner or later. Gentle Journey is a blessing. 
Thank you so much!
Jim Mercer

The service provided by Gentle Journey was excellent.  In a very emotional time, she was professional, compassionate, understanding, and demonstrated a sense of loving caring empathy for our entire family.  
Based on this one experience, I am a 100% advocated for the Gentle Journey service, and will recommend to all I know how hot are in need of such support.

Thank you, and huge shout out for Dr. Tiffany

David and Laurie

This was such a wonderful way for our beloved Hansum to end his earthly adventure.  Thank you so much for your comforting support and care. 

Thank You… You were wonderful!

We were very pleased with the service and the ease with which we could make an appointment.  The vet that came to the house was wonderful and compassionate.  I’ve mentioned your firm to a number of my friends in a positive context.

Thank you!


Dr. Nutter

Thank you for the sympathy card, which I received yesterday.  I know I was a mess when you arrived and was in no shape to carry on any kind of conversation.  Nakita was my constant companion for 19 years. I was single for many years and she was a fierce protector and made it known when there were certain people that she did not welcome in my home.  She had great judgement!  She always let me know when anyone was coming near my home so I did not need to be on alert. I miss her terribly.

It was a difficult day, but I thank you for how professional and empathetic you were.  


Thank you for writing. Your timing was perfect. This morning is a difficult time for me as Baxter was always at my side as I did my yard work and other weekend chores. Every morning seems to be the hardest, as are the times when the neighbors or friends comment how empty our home is without him.
I know that time will help and the two weeks that have gone by proves that. We feel as if we have lost one of our children.
I have sung the praises of Gentle Journey all over the valley. We are especially grateful to Dr. Kendra for her support, sympathy and empathy. Her tears and hugs will never be forgotten. 
We brought Baxter home last Monday. I still talk to him and I feel his presence. Your professional services will never be forgotten.
Thank you for your follow up.

Pete Fortunato

Thank you for following up.

We were very pleased with the service and the ease with which we could make an appointment.  The vet that cam to the house was wonderful and compassionate.  I’ve mentioned your firm to a number of my friends in a positive context.

Thank you!

Paul F. Binsfeld

Dear Christine, 
It was devastating to lose Jack. Sometimes I think he was my soulmate. ((He knew my former husband needed to go before I did. And he made it very clear by the way he protected me.)

I grew up with dogs. Just several years ago we lost two fabulous black labs within 6 months of one another. It was a sorrowful time.

But I have to say, losing Jack has been a tremendous tragedy to me, I was his raison d’etre. But I know I made the right choice, and your care made it possible. 
Thank you for your patience, understanding, and compassion. 
This sounds naive, but I think I’ll see him again.

Terri i


Thank you for your thoughtful sympathy card and for your follow-up interest; both are sincerely appreciated.

So far as your service is concerned, My wife and I could not be more satisfied with how things went.  More to the point, should such a situation arise again, you folks would be the first people we would think of.

Thanks again for your thoughtfulness and

Best regards, Joe and Barbara

Hi Christina,

Thank you for your email. Losing Luca was/is so sad for me but the process of having to put her to sleep was peaceful. Dr. Kendra was so sweet and patient. The whole experience while incredibly difficult went the best it possibly could. I’m glad my friend told me about gentle journey! I wouldn’t have know about it otherwise! 

I’m glad your company exists. It brings a lot of peace to a very sad and difficult decision. 

Thank you,

It was the most compassionate and gentle ending to our precious pet’s life. Dr. Roberts was so compassionate, kind and very understanding. She gave us all the time we needed she was loving and sincere in every way. I would highly recommend your services to anyone who needed it.


Dr. Nutter
Sorry for the long delay on responding. Sammy was my boy for almost 20 years which is very long for a cat. So the grief has been prolonged. I know deep in my heart it was the right thing to do but it is always a difficult decision to put a pet down and tough to recover from. The vet was very caring and I do believe home euthanasia is the in the best interest of the pet. Please thank the vet for her help and kindness in the way she performed the service. 
My best to you,

Dear Dr. Nutter,

Thank you so much for your kind email. We were very satisfied with the service. Most people including myself don’t know about in home pet euthanasia. I was referred to Gentle journey through one of my colleagues. Our cat was always nervous at the vet’s office and he already had too many visits because of his lymphoma and kidney disease. It was a lot easier for us to put him to sleep at home. The vet who came out was very kind and gentle, and gave us enough time and privacy to say goodbye to our beloved companion of more than 16 years. She clearly explained the procedure to us and answered all of our questions. The procedure was very peaceful and respectful. He did not suffer during the procedure, and she handled his body with respect even after he was gone.  It would have been a lot harder for us to have it done at the vet’s office. 

We would definitely recommend your service to our friends.Thank you so much for being so kind and loving toward our best friends.

With gratitude,
Nazilla Saljoughi

Thank you Dr Christina for checking in and for sending the nice card, which was so beautiful.  The ache in my heart from losing Daisy heals a little each day.   I shared the experience with several people and most had never heard of this before.  Though hard to go through, of course, I wouldn’t want it any other way than to have my sweet girl begin her next journey from the comfort of her favorite bed.

I’ll be forever thankful for the service you provide. 

Best regards,

Dr. Christina, 
I want to thank you for your help with Allie. I am heart broken and will miss her every day, but I’m also comforted in knowing that her passing was peaceful
and calm and she had a bit of the warm sun on her back before she moved on.  I’m so grateful to you and the service you provide for our furry family members. 
Thank you again and I wish you and your family the best during the holidays.