Veterinary Hospice and Pet Euthanasia Cost

Veterinary Hospice Services

Initial Consultations {$155.00}

  • Approximately 45-60 Minutes (no charge for drive time)
  • Education- Progression of ailment (what to expect)
  • Quality of Life & Animal Behavior (Signs of discomfort, what to do)
  • Home Environment Review and Recommendations
  • Nutrition and Options
  • Administer Meds or other Care (i.e. SQ fluids), includes training if desired
  • Charting/Tracking progress (reporting to primary Vet)
  • Euthanasia Options
  • Pharmacy Access
  • Hospice Packet

Home Visits by Vet {$85.00}

  • Approximately 30-45 Minutes
  • Physical Examination
  • Assessment and Charting of Ailment Progress (reporting to primary veterinarian)
  • Assess Quality of Life
  • Administer Medications & Treatment
  • Recommendations on other Care Options:
    • Massage
    • Acupuncture
    • Physical Therapy
    • Chiropractic
    • Pet Sitters
    • Etc

Telephone Consultations with Vet {$20.00}
5-15 Minutes

  • Assessment (reporting to primary veterinarian)
  • Letting Go & Grief Counseling
  • Options
  • Next Steps

Final Stages {depends on services}
15-45 Minutes

  • Euthanasia
  • Transport
    • With or without Euthanasia Services
  • Cremation
    • Options
    • Remains
  • Comfort Rooms
    • Euthanasia
    • Cremation/Burial
    • Memorial Services

Euthanasia Services

Euthanasia only.

Euthanasia plus Individual Pet Cremation (Ashes included)

  • Dogs & cats {$480*}

Euthanasia plus Private Pet Cremation (Ashes included)

  • Dogs & cats {$560*}

Pet Euthanasia plus Pet Cremation (No ashes)

  • Dogs & cats {$375*}

*Dogs weighing over 100 lbs slightly more expensive

After-hour fees:{$50-$100}

  • Mon-Thurs after 4pm, Fri after 3pm, weekends and holidays


  • We service the Phoenix Metropolitan area. There is a $25 charge for service outside the service area.

Transportation & Individual Pet Cremation-No Euthanasia (Ashes included)

  • Dogs & cats{$295*}

Transportation & Private Pet Cremation-No Euthanasia (Ashes included)

  • Dogs, cats and family pets{$375*}

Transportation & Communal Pet Cremation-No Euthanasia (No ashes returned)

  • Dogs, cats and family pets{$190*}

*Dogs weighing over 100 lbs slightly more expensive


  • If you change your mind after a Gentle Journey Provider has already arrived at your home, there will be a $155 consultation fee. This consultation will include a brief physical exam and assessment of quality of life.
  • If your pet has passed when a Gentle Journey Provider has already arrived at your home, there will be a $100 travel fee added to the regular cost for cremation.

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