Pet Cremation Services

pet cremation urnGentle Journey is one of a few veterinary services to offer the Private Cremation options. The typical services quoted are for individual cremation. We’ve found that our clients prefer to understand the choices and make the decision that is right for them.
This is the preferred option when budgetary restrictions are more sensible. Communal cremation includes groups a number of pets together to reduce costs…..{$*}

This is the most common type of cremation offered when owners who will receive their pet’s ashes after cremation. To help with cost more than one pet will be in the crematorium at same time (usually 2-4). All pets are identified separately and special care is taken to make sure your pet’s remains are kept separate throughout the process……{$$*}

This is the best way to make assure your pet’s remains are kept separate. This option is more expensive, as the facilities are dedicated to your pet (similar to human cremation). You can also choose to witness the cremation with a private viewing…..{$$$*}

In our experience, the choice of the service is never a right or wrong answer, it’s what works best for you.

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