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If the decision has been made to use home pet euthanasia services, you can make your appointment immediately using our online schedule. Once the appointment is made, the veterinarian will be notified and will call you before your appointment to discuss the procedure and any questions you might have. If you want to speak to someone before making an appointment, you can call 602-332-7757 and have the veterinarian on-call paged. We do all our scheduling online because our vets are in the field and not always able to take down all the information for the appointment.

If you aren’t sure when the time is right, we highly recommend you schedule a hospice consult. A veterinarian will spend 45 minutes in your home talking with you and assessing your pet to help you make the decision about euthanasia. View Our Pricing Here

Trained Home Pet Euthanasia Providers Express Exceptional Compassion & Understanding

Each Gentle Journey Home Pet Euthanasia Provider is a trained veterinarian who not only practices quality care, but also expresses exceptional compassion and understanding. As part of the process a Gentle Journey Provider makes a unique sedative/anesthetic plan for each pet. For cat euthanasia, she generally puts them under a complete anesthesia using an injection of medicine that goes under the skin. For dog euthanasia, she chooses either sedation or anesthesia based on your dog’s illness and temperament so that your pet is most comfortable. The initial drug can take 5 to 15 minutes to take affect. Once you and your pet are ready, the euthanasia medicine is given into the bloodstream. This part is quick and painless. Your pet will peacefully pass while in the comfort of your arms.

You will never feel rushed. Dr. Christina and her team hold a deep respect for people who are going through this grieving process and understands timing is very important.

After your pet has passed you may keep your pet and take responsibility for his or her body. Or, Gentle Journey can handle all aftercare including cremation.

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Everyone in your family will grieve in their own way regarding the loss of this pet. Other animals in the home will certainly be affected by this loss as well. They may roam around the house looking for the pet or lose interest in play and eating for a period of time. If you have other pets, spend extra time comforting one another. Remember to take care of yourself too and surround yourself with supportive friends and family. Learn more about grief and loss.
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