Pet Hospice 101: Euthanasia

What is Euthanasia? For most clients, euthanasia is not an option that they have considered. It may have a negative stigma attached to it, or a client may feel that making a decision to end a pet’s life is unnatural. It is common for clients to experience guilt while deciding whether or not euthanasia is [...]

Pet Hospice 101: What is a Custom Hospice Plan?

Pet hospice care is a three-prong approach: listening to clients’ concerns and fears educating clients on quality of life helping clients plan for euthanasia or natural death. Because each client presents a unique set of needs and challenges, there is no “prescribed” or “standard” pet hospice treatment. Our Customized Pet Hospice Plan Pet hospice is [...]

Pet Hospice 101: What is Pet Hospice?

For many people, the word ‘hospice’ is associated with a special medical center where terminally ill patients go for end-of-life care. Hospice, however, is a philosophy, not a place. The hospice philosophy is best described as- ending aggressive treatment for a cure. The focus shifts from actively treating to find a cure, to providing the [...]