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Owning a Dog

When Should You Get a New Pet After One Dies?

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The question of when to get a new pet after one dies is one that many grieving pet parents struggle with. Anyone who has lost a beloved pet knows all too well the void that can be left when a four-legged companion leaves this world. It’s tempting for grieving pet parents to try to fill [...]

Processing Grief After Losing a Pet

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Losing a four-legged friend is one of the most difficult things any pet lover will ever experience. When you lose a pet, you lose a member of your family. Just as you would mourn the loss of a beloved family member, it’s important to process grief over the loss of a pet. Everyone processes grief [...]

If you are like me, you want to know you are doing the best to keep your pet happy and healthy. And when it’s a matter of life and death, you want to know that he or she is being treated by the most capable hands possible. I recently went through this with my cat, [...]

How to Help the Elderly Cope with Pet Loss

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Losing a pet is emotionally taxing for most, but it can be particularly hard on the elderly. After retirement, it’s quite common for seniors to lose their sense of purpose and belonging. Social interaction can diminish and depression may result. Pets often play a key role for seniors by making them feel needed and providing [...]

Should I Get a New Pet Right After Losing One?

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When a person experiences the loss of a pet, a void is left. Many people look to fill this void by bringing a new pet into the home. There are many wonderful reasons to do so, but it’s important to make sure that you are ready to give a new animal the love and devotion [...]

Pet Memorials: Honoring Your Pet’s Life

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Since the dawn of civilization, human beings have performed funeral rituals and held memorial services as a way of honoring the departed. These ceremonies are essential for establishing closure, as they allow us a way to grieve the passing of a loved one while celebrating the life they lead. For many, the bond shared with [...]