Pet Hospice

25 Signs Your Cat is In Pain

cat pain Gentle Journey AZ

Though not always the case, cats have a reputation for being aloof animals. Their ability to mask their true feelings is an instinctual adaptation that has aided their survival. Animals exhibiting signs of pain are easy targets for would-be predators, so a cat’s apparent poker face is an asset in the wild. While the ability [...]

Pet Hospice Care Update: Remembering my Beloved Mikey

This is a blog post I prayed I wouldn’t have to write. I had to put Mikey down last Friday. I’m heartbroken. He was in rough shape after his second round of chemotherapy, but I was hopeful that he was just fighting off an infection. That didn’t come to pass. I met with his oncologist [...]

3 Stages of Pet Hospice Care: Update on Mikey

In September, I explained the various Stages of Pet Hospice in a 2 Part Blog Series referencing a personal experience with my sick cat, Mikey. I wanted to provide readers a vivid narrative of my experience so they could better understand the process. When we left off, we were actively working to manage Mikey’s quality [...]

Part 2: What Are the 3 Stages of Pet Hospice Care?

In the last piece, I explained the first two stages of Pet Hospice using my own experience with my sick cat, Mikey. In the first stage, the Initial Diagnosis was made, followed by an acceptance that Mikey’s quality of life would likely need to be managed going forward. In the second stage, the focus shifted [...]

Part 1: What Are the 3 Stages of Pet Hospice Care?

Dr. Christina Nutter and her cat Mikey

I first met my beloved cat, Mikey, when I was a veterinary student in Colorado. He had been living at the clinic for about three months after he was brought in with a severe injury to his back foot, an upper respitory infection, and eyes swollen shut. Though he was still on antibiotics, the clinic [...]

Pet Hospice: What You Need to Know

orange tabby cat receiving Veterinary hospice exam

When a person becomes terminally ill with no hope for a cure, palliative care services such as hospice offer relief to patients and comfort to their families during the final stages of life. These services are instrumental in creating tranquility during a heartbreaking time, and help people focus their attention on enhancing the quality of [...]