Dog Euthanasia

What are the Benefits of in-Home Euthanasia for Dogs?

brunette woman embracing dog outside on an autumn day

If you’re reading this article, odds are you’ve already decided that dog euthanasia is the most humane choice for your sick or injured friend. Saying goodbye to a pet is the most heartbreaking experience you’ll endure with your beloved animal. You’ve built a close bond with your furry friend and now you are simply looking [...]

Pet Loss: Helping Your Child Say Goodbye

young boy cuddling with yellow lab

As a parent, your instinct is to shield your children from sadness for as long as possible. The loss of a household pet is often the first opportunity many children have to learn about death. When handled honestly and with compassion, you can help your child develop the skill necessary to grieve and cope with [...]

Your Dog Deserves A Peaceful Ending

sad dog on couch

From the time you bring your dog home, a deep relationship begins to develop. Before you know it, you can’t even remember what life was like without your furry, little friend. In many cases, the human-animal bond is often even more powerful than many human relationships. Alas, the average lifespan of the typical canine is [...]

Will Putting My Animal to Sleep Cause Pain?

dog laying on floor of dark room in beam of light

Witnessing a beloved pet struggle with the agony of ageing or a painful disease is a living nightmare for many pet owners. When deciding whether or not to give your cherished friend a peaceful ending, it’s comforting to understand what your pet will experience as he or she is put to sleep. One of the [...]